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DMA ValueCheck

Background, qualification & reference checks are a crucial part of the selection process at all levels within an organisation, yet often overlooked.  

DMA ValueCheck is a niche, independent Background Checking service offered by the DMA Group, designed to meet your screening requirements in a convenient, hassle-free way.  Packages offered are summarised in the table below:

DMA ValueCheck Criteria


Once candidate contact details have been provided, based on the package selected, we will:


  • Establish contact with candidates to arrange for all relevant documents (such as copies of ID, driver's licence, relevant certificates and signed indemnity forms), reference details and fingerprints (if required)

  • Provide them with all necessary documents and indemnity forms for their completion

  • Login and liaise with service providers on all aspects of the process, responding to all requests for additional documents, certificates, candidate details, copies of drivers licenses etc.

  • Conduct independent, objective reference checks with recent former line managers, covering an established range of topics

  • Arrange for Discus Behavioural Assessments, Job Match Analyses and Psychometric Evaluations, if required


Tailor-made packages and volume-related discounts are available.