DMA ValueCheck

Independent, Value-Added Background, Qualification & Reference Checks

Background, qualification & reference checks can pose a laborious and time-consuming task for those short-staffed and stretched in other areas of the business.  It’s a crucial part of the selection process at all levels within an organisation, yet often overlooked.  DMA ValueCheck is a niche, independent Background Checking service offered by the DMA Group, designed to meet your screening requirements in a convenient, hassle-free way.  Packages offered are summarised in the table below:

Once the package is selected and candidate contact details have been provided, we will:


  • Establish contact with candidates to arrange for all relevant documents (such as copies of ID, drivers licence, relevant certificates and signed indemnity forms), reference details and fingerprints (if required)


  • Provide them with all necessary documents and an indemnity form for their completion


  • Login and liaise with service providers on all aspects of the process, responding to all requests for additional documents, certificates, candidate details, copies of drivers licences etc.


  • Conduct independent, objective reference checks with recent former line managers, covering an established range of topics


  • Arrange for Discus Behavioural Assessments, Job Match Analyses and Psychometric Evaluations, if required


  • Maintain contact with our clients on a regular basis, providing frequent progress reports until finalised

Complete this form to provide us with your company and contact details.  We will be in touch to confirm the services required.


50% of the fee based on volumes and packages selected will be invoiced on commencement of checks, with the balance being payable upon delivery of reports.


Tailor-made packages and bulk-related discounts are available.  Contact Ross or Derek Mengel on 011 888 9009 or 011 678 2009.  Alternatively, email or to find out more.


All fees exclude VAT. Platinum fees exclude cost of assessments, to be settled with service provider.