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DMA People’s Interim Management Solution

The Concept International trends have shown that whilst businesses employ permanent staff to focus on their core competencies, they occasionally “insource” the expertise of specialist Human Capital on a short to medium term basis. DMA People has expanded its services to address client needs in Interim Management. This can be defined as “the contract hiring of specialists, managers and senior executives to accomplish a specific mandate for a limited duration of time.”

Interim Managers may be brought into organisations either to manage specific projects or to fill gaps where temporary vacancies exist. These opportunities may arise as a result of:

  • Sabbaticals, maternity leave, training, overseas visits, illness or extended absence for whatever reason.

  • Company start ups, turnarounds, the introduction of new technology, product launches or projects such as ISO implementation.

  • Mentorship programmes to settle, motivate, coach and retain high potential individuals and those newly appointed in a more senior role.

  • The Labour Relations Act, which makes the hiring, and firing of people expensive and time consuming. Senior managers are increasingly being appointed on a contract basis to more effectively evaluate their abilities in a specific role prior to permanent appointment

  • The need for an individual to perform a role whilst a company searches for a suitable permanent candidate to fill a specific position.

  • A requirement for flexibility as a company’s need for staff increases or reduces without the complications and overheads of permanent appointments This enables the organisation to streamline their personnel whilst maintaining critical mass.

The Resource Drawn from the echelons of Executives, Management and Specialists, our Interim Managers have proven track records and abilities in their areas of specialisation. They can normally be divided into categories that include:

  • Professionals who enjoy the independence, flexibility and challenge of demanding assignments

  • Those who elect to take early retirement or may be casualties of mergers or company downsizing exercises and,

  • The “silver foxes” who though retired, still have a great deal to offer and are keen to make a significant contribution to organisations on a contract basis.

The Benefits Benefits arising from the Interim Management concept include:

  • Rapid access to talent and experience not represented within the client company.

  • Client savings of company benefits normally paid to permanent employees such as Medical and Retirement Benefits, leave, bonuses and incentives.

  • Comparative savings when compared with Consultancy fees plus the added advantage of implementation and accountability.

  • Flexibility in terms of appointing staff only as and when they are needed and without the complications and costs of letting people go.

  • The opportunity of “insourcing” individuals of an extremely high calibre for the duration of a project and then replacing them with a more junior maintenance person.

  • Measuring outcomes against the defined objectives, key deliverables and clear mandate agreed at the outset of an assignment.

  • A focus on the control and direction of resources for the implementation of ideas and achievement of objectives.

  • The application of proven leadership skills as the Interim Manager directs, manages, motivates and controls teams to meet defined objectives.

  • Skills transfer of knowledge and experience to permanent high-potential staff.

  • Interim Managers do not engage in company politics or power struggles and remain focused on the outcomes of their intervention.

  • They are exceptionally adaptable and creative, drawing on their diverse experience and the knowledge gained in numerous assignments.

  • Assignee’s organisational and planning abilities resulting from their involvement with companies experiencing change.

  • The results orientation and determination of the Executive Temp who strives to enhance her/his reputation and secure future assignments.

  • Clients may want to appoint the Interim Manager permanently and should all parties be in agreement, this can be arranged and a normal placement fee will then be negotiated between the client and DMA-people.

The Process The DMA People Interim Management service focuses on the specific needs of client companies. Having defined deliverables with the client and established a total cost to company monthly fee, we submit a short list of appropriately qualified and experienced Interim Managers.

The selected individual is placed in the client organisation and works towards the agreed outputs or Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) as defined in the brief. As an aid in helping to ensure the achievement of these objectives, we make use of our interim manager’s written review that is submitted on a fortnightly basis to monitor progress towards the achievement of objectives.

Conclusion Interim management provides numerous benefits to both the individual and the organisation. For a confidential discussion regarding this service we offer, feel free to contact us via email, telephonically or via one of the platforms below.

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