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Based on more than 20 years' of tracking study experience, a database designed and developed since 2005, a Master Coding List of over 5000 pre-coded advertisers and a range of tailor-made reporting mechanisms, the DMA JOTS has provided the infrastructure for various Print & Online Media Tracking & Monitoring reports, at an extremely high level of detail and accuracy.


Reporting on the content of various advertisements appearing in a range of print and online media provides an understanding of overall market share of advertising within various sectors by medium. Analyzing the data further provides valuable insight into which print titles and websites enjoy what percentage of market share by:


  • Various Government & Private sectors, tailored to meet client reporting needs

  • Names of Advertisers, showing who the biggest advertisers are and which titles are being used

  • Rand Value of Print Media Advertising, reporting on market share in terms of Rand value, based on Advertising Format


Monthly and quarterly reports provide insights to advertising trends, helping leaders in media and related sectors make informed strategic decisions, based on advertising volumes. Contact us for more information on how a Media Monitoring study can be designed and implemented to meet your specific objectives. Email us for more information.


Print and Online editorial content analysis can provide subscribers with an entire range of strategic insights, such as the percentage of editorial appearing in a particular range of titles dedicated to any particular company or government body.  Of that, the "level of mention" and "level of sentiment" can also be gauged, with reports designed to meet client requirements and a useful measure of perceptions related to CSI, Sustainability and more.

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Studies have shown that staff turnover decreases when companies implement employee attitude initiatives. Staff Climate Studies bring to light satisfaction levels within client companies and provide insights into potential problem areas. Communication Channels, Cultural Diversity, Empowerment, Management, Work Environment and Performance Expectations are all topics that can be addressed. Email us for more information.


Business to Business research amongst current, lapsed and prospective customers identifies discrepancies between customer expectations and service delivery. These studies identify wasted resources, problem areas of low and high importance, and elements of service to be maintained. Email us for more information.


Working closely with a highly reputable and leading organisation in  Corporate Sustainability and CSI, our M&E research services have included sample and questionnaire design, extensive beneficiary site visits in sub-Saharan Africa and detailed assessment of a flagship CSI project amongst various stakeholders and beneficiaries, data processing and analysis, report-writing and recommendations . Contact us to find out how we could assist with your Sustainability and CSI related projects. Email us for more information.


Based on Qualitative & Quantitative Marketing Research experience gained since 1990, recent achievements of DMA Research include a study of the Recruitment industry in South Africa, incorporating qualitative and quantitative samples of Employers, Recruiters and Jobseekers, on behalf of a blue chip client, as well as Segmentation Analysis. Contact us for a discussion on how we could assist with your current Consumer and Industry Research requirements.

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Having celebrated it's 10th anniversary in July 2015, the DMA JOTS (Job Opportunity Tracking Study), provides useful insights to the demand for South African skills (or shortage thereof) both locally and abroad. Designed and managed by DMA Research, The DMA JOTS has provided a useful indication of employment trends in the South African economy by:


  • Function – i.e. what proportion of Financial, IT, Sales & Marketing posts etc. are being advertised in which medium?

  • Sector – i.e. what proportion of positions in the Banking, Construction, IT sectors etc. are being advertised in which medium?

  • Location – i.e. which print titles or websites are predominantly being used to advertise positions based in the Western Cape, versus Gauteng, KZN and other regions, both locally and internationally?


Results provide insights to the demand for skills helping decision-makers in all public and private sectors fine-tune their Sourcing and Retention activities. Email us for more information.