Our Executive Search professionals are dedicated to providing service beyond the traditional process. Inspired to provide our clients with superior 'value added' results, we strive for continuous improvement in the quality and user-friendliness of our service . Through our association with respected researchers, as well as our extensive global network of selected contacts, we are able to offer a unique Search Campaign process specifically designed and developed to suit each client's specific needs and focused on identifying and attracting exceptional candidates for specialist, management and executive appointments.

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Our unique and specialised online registration and application function, designed to be user-friendly whilst screening and attracting the best candidates, has been widely successful and provided us with significant competitive advantage to date. In addition our advertising style, which is highly visible, elicits a high response rate from candidates who are looking for a position, but also those who like to keep an eye on the market.  As an advantage, our trained consultants are accredited users of the DISCUS® behavioural profiling tools, which highlight and capitalise on people strengths. This enables us to match candidates to relevant positions, identify training needs and assist in building effective teams.

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A significant aspect of our Graduate Recruitment Programme is the search for best young people with clarity of ambition and passion for excellence; young leaders who enter the market for the first time and have the drive and resilience to succeed. DMA People is well equipped to assist in the identification and attraction of these young champions and are able to design a Graduate Recruitment Programme custom-made to the specific needs of client organisations. Email us for more information.



Interim management is the contract hiring of specialists, managers and senior executives to accomplish a specific mandate, for limited contract periods.  In association with a global UK-based partner, DMA People has expanded its services to address client needs in interim management and is now looking for senior level managers for positions in South Africa, as well as other African countries.

Whilst businesses employ permanent staff to focus on their core competencies, many companies see benefits from "insourcing" the expertise of specialists and senior executives on a short to medium term basis.  Interim managers and executives are brought into organisations either to manage specific projects or to fill gaps where temporary vacancies exist.


Opportunities may arise as a result of:

  • Sabbaticals, training, maternity leave, overseas visits, illness or extended absence for whatever reason.

  • Company start ups, turnarounds, the introduction of new technology, product launches or projects such as ISO implementation.

  • Mentorship programmes to settle, motivate, coach and retain high potential individuals and those newly appointed in a more senior role.

  • The Labour Relations Act, which makes the hiring, and firing of people expensive and time consuming.

  • The need for an individual to perform a role whilst a company searches for a suitable permanent candidate to fill a specific position.

  • A requirement for flexibility as a company's need for staff increases or reduces without the complications and overheads of permanent appointments.

  • Senior managers are increasingly being appointed on a contract basis to more effectively evaluate their abilities in a specific role prior to permanent appointment.


As we actively market interim management services to a range of clients across various sectors, in South Africa as well as other African countries, our goal is to establish a select database of seasoned managers and executives, who are keen on pursuing or expanding on a career in interim management.


These will be drawn from the echelons of executives, management and specialists who hold a proven track record, excellent leadership skills and highly sought-after, specialised abilities.


Interim and contract management focuses on the appointment of highly qualified and experienced individuals who are able to work on a contract basis within client companies. Often a need exists for experts to come into the business temporarily to either fill specific roles, complete or implement projects or merely assist during peak periods.


They are also able to serve in a mentoring capacity, transferring skills and expertise to developing staff. By providing a comprehensive support service starting from the identification and placement of the candidate, up to the completion of the assignment, we can assist you in sourcing Interim Managers who have a proven track record of achievement and of adding tangible value to the bottom line of the organisation. Comprehensive support is offered throughout the course of the assignment and we will also assist our clients with all their training, remuneration and pay needs. Email us for more information.




With today's increasing pressure on executives and senior managers to improve their personal effectiveness, our confidential coaching programmmes are designed to inspire individuals to reach their maximum potential, simultaneously transforming their enterprises and their lives. Email us for more information.

Great success has been realised in our mentorship process, particularly with entry level individuals and bursary students. These talented new employees, from diverse cultural backgrounds, have been selected for their skills and qualifications but often face fears regarding basic business practice and etiquette. This is not generally covered during company induction and in presenting our programme as a supplement, the transition of these individuals is ensured, integrating them to become more productive, more rapidly and with less stress.

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DMA is pleased to announce an alliance with Origin, to offer 360 degree assessments to our clients. We are very excited by this expansion of our range of services, since many leading global enterprises have adopted 360 degree staff evaluation as a key part of their ongoing HR practices.

Research has shown that top performing HR groups serve twice as many employees per HR professional as compared with bottom performing HR groups. Organisations with top performing HR groups will spend on average $1,466 less per employee per year in corporate overhead. There are therefore significant benefits to be achieved by developing a top performing HR division. Email us to find out how you can adopt 360 measurement in your organisation without any additional workload for the already fully occupied IT and HR resources in your organisation. Email us for more information.


Whilst our Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP's) can be used to address a broad range of topics, our research has shown that the most pressing needs are currently to be found in the area of financial wellness. The estimated 2-million garnishee orders currently effective in South Africa confirm the high level of employee debt, which has a negative effect on absenteeism, morale and theft. Administering these deductions also creates an additional workload for employers. Our focus is to maintain a strict adherence to the concept of serving two clients - the Employer and the Employee. The Employer benefits from a more motivated and highperformance work force, whilst the Employee is able to address personal problems that negatively impact on their work-life balance. Email us for more information.


With the aid of sophisticated DISCUS® technology, the ‘DMA People One-Day Team-Build’ identifies, highlights and acknowledges complementary strengths and potential contributions of each team member. More specifically, outputs of the Team-Build include:

  • Basic Characteristics - information on the team members’ natural behaviour

  • Work Characteristics - how each team member sees his/her required behaviour in their present work environment

  • Value to the Team and Organisation – how their values are most important to the team and the organisation

  • Effective Communication - a list of things to do (and not to do) when communicating with other team members

  • Perceptions - providing information on their self-perception and how, under certain conditions, others may perceive their behaviour

  • Descriptors - describing how they solve problems, meet challenges, influence people, respond to the pace of the environment and to rules and procedures set by others

  • Action Plan - the information required to establish, develop and implement action plans focused on achieving objectives

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