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Ross Mengel

Managing Director

Ross started his career in marketing research and since joining DMA Group in 2002, has provided blue-chip clients with tailor-made solutions in Executive Search, Behavioural Assessments, HR-related Research and Career Transition Management & Support, coaching individuals through the various phases of career transition, delivered in both group and individual format. 

These programmes are based on the premise that career transition is not the "End of the Road, but a “Bend in the Road” - the beginning of a new and exciting journey towards "New Beginnings".

​Using various assessments, coaching models and frameworks, Ross provides participants with coaching support that assists them with re-establishing themselves through a journey of self-discovery and accomplishment, to an effective and speedy transition. 

This support offers a full spectrum of individual and company benefits and is delivered online and in person in a variety of formats, catering for differing budgets, employees and objectives.

Ross completed his BA in Communications & Industrial Psychology at RAU and has since completed various diplomas, courses and certificates in Business Management, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and Executive & Management Coaching.

Ross Mengel

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