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Executive Search

Our Executive Search professionals are dedicated to providing service beyond the traditional process. Inspired to provide our clients with superior 'value added' results, we strive for continuous improvement in the quality and user-friendliness of our service . Through our association with respected researchers, as well as our extensive global network of selected contacts, we are able to offer a unique Search Campaign process specifically designed and developed to suit each client's specific needs and focused on identifying and attracting exceptional candidates for specialist, management and executive appointments.

Advertised Selection

Our unique and specialised online registration and application function, designed to be user-friendly whilst screening and attracting the best candidates, has been widely successful and provided us with significant competitive advantage to date. In addition our advertising style, which is highly visible, elicits a high response rate from candidates who are looking for a position, but also those who like to keep an eye on the market.  As an advantage, our trained consultants are accredited users of the DISCUS® behavioural profiling tools, which highlight and capitalise on people strengths. This enables us to match candidates to relevant positions, identify training needs and assist in building effective teams.

Interim & Contract Management

Interim management is the contract hiring of specialists, managers and senior executives to accomplish a specific mandate, for limited contract periods.  In association with a global UK-based partner, DMA People has expanded its services to address client needs in interim management and is now looking for senior level managers for positions in South Africa, as well as other African countries.

​Whilst businesses employ permanent staff to focus on their core competencies, many companies see benefits from "insourcing" the expertise of specialists and senior executives on a short to medium term basis.  Interim managers and executives are brought into organisations either to manage specific projects or to fill gaps where temporary vacancies exist. 

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