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Since 2002, DMA Group's outplacement, career transition and retrenchment support specialists have delivered tailormade programmes in group and individual format, in person and online, to participants from a broad range of functions, sectors and locations, in South Africa and abroad. Catering for varying budgets, employees and objectives, whilst offering a comprehensive spectrum of both individual and company benefits, all programmes include a copy of "A Bend in the Road - A Guide to Career Transition”, a Discus Behavioural Assessment and review with a Discus trained Consultant, access to a broad range of content, focused on various aspects of career transition, regular individual meetings, focused on the participant's priorities, plus ongoing email and telephonic support.

Programmes offered

Individual programmes

Individual programmes are made up of a series of meetings, held with the separated employee, plus regular email and telephonic support provided in between, for varying periods of time. Commencing at the “pick-up stage” of retrenchment, participants work through the career progression process, which culminates in the development of a strategy to achieve career objectives.

Group programmes

Group outplacement programmes provide many benefits and ours are designed to address key career transition-related topics through a range of individual, group and round robin exercises. Groups of individuals take part in one or more of a series of Online Outplacement Workshops, covering a full range of topics related to job search and career transition.

Combination programmes

Combining group workshops with regular 1:1 meetings, participants receive the benefits of both, through a tailor-made programme covering all aspects of job search, whilst focusing on their own circumstances and objectives.

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Outplacement Participant


"I appreciated the group sessions as I was able to hear about other colleagues' experiences.  But the 1:1 sessions were most beneficial as we focused on what it was that I wanted and where I wanted to be." 

Outplacement Participant


"I am convinced that if it were not for the Career Transition course run by Derek, as well as his deep understanding of human nature, I would not be in the position that I am in today. I can thoroughly recommend both the course, and Derek as a person to anyone that finds him or herself in a situation similar to mine.” 

Outplacement Participant


“I am really grateful that our company asked DMA to assist us. You have gone over and beyond to help me with my career after being retrenched. I really appreciate the time and effort you invested in this.”

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