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Working as an Ally in the War for Talent

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

John F. Kennedy is reported to have said: “Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies.” We believe that as allies to our clients in the “War for Talent”, our role, in support of their sourcing policies and procedures, is to add comprehensive value and pace to their recruitment campaigns by “project managing” the process of:

  • Identifying and attracting individuals with corresponding skills, qualification, experience and behavioural characteristics to match detailed client requirements

  • Promoting our client as an Employer of Choice to prospective candidates

  • Presenting candidate comparisons and carrying out comprehensive interviews and initial behavioural analysis evaluations on those selected before submitting candidate reports of those short listed for client evaluation

  • Managing the logistics for client interviews, including flights, accommodation and transfers where appropriate

  • Ensuring ongoing communication with both successful and unsuccessful candidates whilst conducting reference checks and arranging assessments as required

  • Participating in the negotiation process to ensure the appointment of the selected candidate

  • Providing “on-boarding” guidelines and programmes whilst maintaining contact with both the appointed candidate and client to assist in addressing any settling in issues

Though perhaps generic in approach, it is the professional and expeditious application of these elements, within the parameters of the client’s selection policies and procedures, which enhances the likelihood of attracting, securing and retaining exceptional talent to augment the success of organisations in the fiercely competitive environments within which we operate.

Considering the John F Kennedy quotation: “Geography has made us neighbors” – Whilst enjoying a global footprint, our focus has and will continue to be on South Africa as we strive in our own small way to retain and where possible regain essential skills.

“History has made us friends” – Having operated in sourcing activities since 1981 we have established and maintained a client base of selected organisations and individuals with whom we are proud to work and have established ongoing professional relationships.

“Economics has made us partners” – We remain highly competitive in terms of our fee structures and whilst it is important for us to continue our existence by operating a profitable organisation, our focus is on establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients.

“Necessity has made us allies” – The skills shortages with which we are faced provide us with a common purpose.

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