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Advice for Jobseekers - Considering Self-Employment

If you’re looking for a way to cover your expenses as you search for a new position, or thinking of fulfilling your dream of being your own boss, self-employment is an important option to consider in the early phases of career transition.

Making your own hours, setting your own fees, saying goodbye to corporate politics, not having to worry about being retrenched and the exciting prospect of bringing your good ideas to reality for your clients are just some of the benefits that self-employment could bring. However, one needs to be realistic about the challenges one faces as well.

Self-employment is empowering, but far from easy. Those who embark on this journey can’t be afraid of failure and need a strong back-up plan in case it does not generate income as quickly as required.

Following the steps as outlined in our book under "Insights to Entrepreneurship" will help you define your business and ensure you have a complete understanding of the business you would like to start. Visit to find out more.

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