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Advice for Jobseekers – How to Identify your Achievements

Deciding which achievements to include in your CV and being able to elaborate on them during your job search are important skills for a jobseeker to develop. Sometimes they can be difficult to identify and describe, but using the P-A-R (i.e. Problem – Action – Result) approach and following a few steps provides structure to this process and is a useful technique to adopt.

For each of your most recent positions, make a list of the times you added value to your role. Write down the Problem that you were able to solve. List the Action that you took to solve or help fix the Problem. Describe the Result of your Action, quantifying where possible, to emphasise the value you can add in a new role.

Summarise in shortened sentences for your CV, keeping the notes of your full description to elaborate on in an interview.

Being able to describe your achievements is an important element of all approaches to job search, from responding to advertisements, and working with agencies, to networking and targeted approaches.

For more on identifying your achievements and applying them to job search, visit or email

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