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Advice for Jobseekers - "Proactive" and "Reactive" Approaches to Job Search

Essentially, there are four ways of finding employment. The first two, "Responding to Advertisements" and "Approaching Agencies", are "Reactive" in as much as jobseekers largely put their search campaign in the hands of others and await some form of communicated response.

On the other hand, a "Proactive" approach is a self-driven process that involves "Networking" and "Targeted Approaches" to selected companies and individuals.

Statistically, almost 70 percent of positions are filled "proactively", but it is nevertheless important to ensure that all your bases are covered and both "Proactive" and "Reactive" approaches are adopted, in the career progression process.

To find out more about the different approaches to job search and how to make the most out of each, visit or email #jobsearch #careeradvice #outplacement

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