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Executive Assessment & Career Management Programmes - Shifting gears towards the "Great Retention"

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The “great resignation” and “great re-evaluation” are global phenomena that have impacted on organisations in many ways, from shifts in hybrid workforce management and employer value propositions, to organisational culture and the ability to retain top talent.

This correlates with a sharp increase in enquiries from executives who have not necessarily been retrenched, but have reached a “bend in the road” and are seeking advice on the next phase of their careers.

Executive Assessment & Career Management Programmes not only provide benefits to those who have been retrenched, but can also assist organisations in retaining key executive talent who are re-evaluating their careers, before receiving their resignation.

A typical Executive Assessment & Career Management Programme offered by DMA Group will include:

  • Executive Assessment - Facilitated by a HPCSA-registered and assessment accredited Industrial Psychologist, a battery of assessments is selected, based on the individual’s requirements, to provide a reliable, holistic view of their preferences and abilities, from a career development perspective.

  • Career Management Support - Delivered by one of our Career Transition consultants, a programme for the executive is tailor-made, designed to assist them with achieving their own pre-defined goals and objectives, at various phases of career transition.

Coaching techniques are applied and resources used, including content from the 2020 edition of “A Bend in The Road – A Guide to Career Transition” by Derek and Ross Mengel.

For more information on how the DMA Group’s Executive Assessment & Career Management programmes can assist with the “great retention” of executive talent, or your own “great re-evaluation” as an executive prior to resignation, call Ross on (011) 888 9009 or email to arrange a confidential discussion.


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