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DMA Global's recent Outplacement activities

Whilst many companies have recently been forced to make tough downsizing, restructuring or retrenchment decisions, care for the reputation of their organisations and continued well-being of impacted staff has led to the implementation of DMA Global's career transition programmes.

We are proud to have supported many individuals through this process and, in a recent assignment, worked with more than 100 exiting staff, assisting them with re-establishing themselves through a series of tailor-made interventions, including group workshops, 1:1 discussions and behavioural assessments.

One participant said "I just wanted to say thank you. Due to your superb help, I have been shortlisted for four jobs and have two interviews tomorrow. Thank you so much, now might be

spoilt for choice when I didn't think I would get any!"

To find out more about how DMA Global can support you with preparing, planning and executing a fair and professional retrenchment process, whilst maintaining a strong employer brand and value proposition, contact Derek or Ross on 011 678 2009, 011 888 9009 or email

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