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Greasing the Wheels of Global Interim Management Solutions through Online Connectivity

Updated: May 24, 2021

Since early last year, the significant increase in online connectivity has made the world in which we work an even smaller place, greasing the wheels of change and demand for talent in various forms, including interim managers and executives, at a local and global level.

One of our recent global interim assignments was completed:

  • in partnership with a UK-based multinational interim management service provider

  • through their office in France

  • on behalf of a private equity firm in Mauritius

  • culminating in the appointment of a seasoned Horticulturalist from Zimbabwe

  • with senior farm management experience gained in South Africa, Mozambique and Ghana

  • to complete a due diligence exercise for a leading horticultural producer in Kenya

  • with markets including the US, Eastern Europe and China

John F. Kennedy is quoted as saying: “Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies.” Considering this:

“Geography has made us neighbours” – Whilst enjoying a global footprint in partnership with organisations who we represent in South Africa, online connectivity has enabled us to operate seamlessly at both a local and international level.

“History has made us friends” – Having operated since 1980 we have established and maintained a local and global client base of selected organisations and individuals with whom we are proud to work and have established ongoing, professional relationships.

“Economics has made us partners” – We remain highly competitive in terms of our fee structures and whilst it is important for us to continue sustainably by operating a profitable organisation, our focus is on establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients.

“Necessity has made us allies” – The skills shortages with which we are faced provide us with a common purpose in identifying talent in various forms.

For more information on how the DMA Group can assist you with your Talent Sourcing & Retention, Outplacement & Career Transition Coaching and Research-related requirements, at a local or international level, visit or email to get in touch. We would value the chance to present a cost-effective solution, tailored to meet your requirements.

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